Thank you for reaching out! I’m so excited to work with you and help to bring your interior design vision to fruition. I am fully committed to work with you through the entire design process, from conception of your ideas to installation of the final design. My goal is to take your vision and create a beautiful space that brings you happiness and joy.

Everything Beautiful Interior Design Process

I will guide you through the entire design process. Together we will create a truly custom space that will incorporate all your wants and needs.

  1. Consult
    To get things started, I will set up an initial consultation. During the consultation, we will meet and discuss all of your desires. I will lay my eyes on the space and take initial measurements and photographs. I will also get to know you and your aesthetic style, find out things that you love and also things that you definitely don’t like, which will help guide me as I design your dream space. I will be able to answer any questions you have about the overall process and pricing.
  2. Conceptualize
    After our consultation, the real fun begins. I will bring every aspect of the overall design together and help you visualize your dream space. I will use visual renderings, fabric samples, mood boards, paint and hardware samples. Together these aids will give you a visualization of how the room will blend. From here we can make all necessary adjustments to the space. Coming up with a design concept you LOVE is essential to the overall success of the project. We will work cohesively to ensure that you are happy with where the design is going.
  3. Create
    Once your design is perfected and you are satisfied with each and every detail, I will begin creating your space. I will take care of ordering all materials and the decorative work will begin. If the project requires any construction, I will work directly with the contractor to be sure that process is as seamless as possible.
  4. Complete
    After all of your selected items arrive and construction is complete, I will set up an installation appointment. From top to bottom, I will completely install your design and reveal to you your beautiful new space.

Everything Beautiful Interior Design Pricing

I’m 100% committed to providing you with a stellar experience. I will work on an hourly basis. The initial consultation fee is a flat rate of $150, which will cover my time and travel (if travel is greater than 50 miles, additional fees may apply). After our meeting, should you choose to move forward with Everything Beautiful design services, the hourly rate will begin.

  • Initial deposit of $350 will be due to begin services. This amount will go towards your future invoices.
  • Conceptualization hourly rate $100/hour
    • Conceptualization fee will be due after customer approves all designs presented and will be required to be paid in full before the Create process begins. Time tracking will be provided.
  • Create hourly rate $100/hour
    • Product Payment. A price breakdown of every item will be proposed to and approved by the client. All items will be required to be paid in full before ordering begins. Of note, freight shipping rates have been substantially higher over the last year.
    • Hourly Payment for the Create process will be due once all items arrive and before installation begins. Time tracking will be provided.
  • Installation hourly rate will depend on the size of the installation and how many people will be required for installation of your design. If more than 3 people are required for installation, I will discuss pricing directly with you.
    • 1 person $100/hour
    • 2 people $150/hour
    • 3 people $225/hour

I cannot wait to work with you! This process should be fun for you and not stressful. I truly believe that your investment in your home should be respected and I have every intention to manage this project strategically and give you results that bring you joy and happiness. You are worthy of a beautiful space to spend your time. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me at any time throughout this process. You can reach me through call, text or email. 

With love,
Jenna Jackson